Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wilkerson's Not the Answer

The Boston Herald is reporting that the Red Sox have shown interest in Brad Wilkerson. Wilkerson would provide versatility to the team, as he can play all three outfield spots and first base. And unlike many other bench players, he can actually play those positions decently.

But Wilkerson is asking for a 3-year $21 million contract, which is far too expensive for a bench player. Wilkerson hit 234/.319/.467 last year, and managed a dismal line of .195/.277/.402 away from the friendly hitting confines of Ameriquest Field.

Wilkerson's best attribute is his ability to hit for power. But as a dead pull lefty, Wilkerson's power numbers are likely to drop drastically in Fenway Park. As I've already demonstrate, Fenway Park is one of the least friendly parks in the league for left-handed power hitters.

The Red Sox may think they could turn Wilkerson into a revitalization project. Once upon a time, he had plate discipline and hit for serious power. But it's been four years since he had an OBP of .360 or better or a SLG of .430 or better.


jb said...

[quote]Just getting warmed up
A few questions for Red Sox righthanded pitching prospect Justin Masterson.

Hear a lot of Derek Lowe comparisons?Continued...

Page 3 of 3 --

JM: "I've been hearing that a lot lately. I know he's a sinker-baller like myself but he's more of a short-armer. Mechanically, it's hard to compare me to him. For myself, I love watching Brandon Webb. He's got the real strong sinker, too. He's a little bit longer mechanically. I'm not trying to be like anybody else, but I watch how he goes about his business. Another guy I watch is Chien-Ming Wang, even though he's with the Yankees. I just watch how he sets up hitters."

Do you see yourself as a starting pitcher?

JM: "I just see myself pitching. I enjoy starting and I've loved it for most of my life. I closed when I played on the Cape a few years ago and that was crazily exciting. There's a little more downtime sometimes, but when your team is doing well, you're going to be coming into a clutch situation. I'm really open to anything."

What do you want to show them in big league camp?

JM: "That my changeup is there, I can throw it whenever I want. I'm not gonna kill myself, because wherever I go, I still have to make progressions, so I'm not going to hurt my arm to turn some heads. I definitely want to show them how I go about my business and turn their heads a little bit and maybe tie their hands."

What are your interests off the field?

JM: "I love music. I play guitar and drums. When I was home, I'd play in our church worship band. I love hanging out with my wife; we got married Nov. 3. I love to read and just be outside."

Your dad was a minister in Ohio. It seems your faith is very important to you?

JM: "I grew up with it. I made the decision to follow Jesus Christ. Of course, I had to go to church, but they never forced me to do anything beyond that. It's what I prefer to do now in my own life."[/quote]

Masterson admires Wang. He loves to watch him pitch and how to setup hitters.

Royal Rooters said...

Hey, not a bad guy at all for a sinkerball pitcher to admire.

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