Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rotoworld Ranks Most Valuable Starters for 2008

Rotoworld ranked the top 75 starting pitchers of 2008. Keep in mind, this list ranks the most valuable starting pitchers for a fantasy league, not a major league baseball team. Although, given that fantasy leagues are based on the statistical produciton of major league players, the list does in a way rank how valuable these starters are.

On the list were Red Sox starters Josh Beckett (6), Dasiuke Matsuzaka (14), Curt Schilling (49) and Clay Buchholz (69). It seems as if most people expect a much better season from Daisuke next year. In the "overrated file" you'll find Chamberlain, Carmona, Penny, Harden, Garza, Willis, Wang, Hughes and Zambrano.

I'm itching for some prospect lists as well, but most of the more respected ones aren't released until late February.


Michael said...

yeah 19 wins...over-rated....

Royal Rooters said...

That probably has a lot to do with why he's overrated. People think of him as a 19-game-winner and wins are one of the least valuable of all pitching stats.

Royal Rooters said...

Plus, like I said, this is fantasy baseball and Wang doesn't put up good peripherals.

jb said...

Are you kidding me?

How many Groundballs put out that Wang has last year

He was second in groundballs out in Al last year.

I guess GB outs doesn't count in Fantasy baseball