Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sox to Bring Back Mirabelli

According to Extra Bases, the Red Sox are close with a deal to bring back Mirabelli as their backup catcher. I'm a little disappointed as I was hoping the Red Sox would attempt to upgrade the position, but there is a lack of quality catchers on the market. Mirabelli hit only .202/.278/.360 last year, but at least he can play defense.

There is also word that the Red Sox may try to sign Jason Varitek to an extension. According to Tony Massarotti the contract could be more than $10 million a year. I would be disappointed by this news as well as I was hoping the Red Sox would pursue Kenji Johjima as their full time catcher of the future.


Michael said...

no love for the captain?

Royal Rooters said...

I like the guy. I just think the team would be better over the next five years with someone else as their starting catcher. I don't like the idea of signing a catcher to a $10 million a year salary when they're approaching 40.

Michael said...

over the next 5? absolutely!!