Monday, January 21, 2008

New Poll: What Do You Think of the 6 AM Starting Times In Japan?

In case you haven't heard, the Red Sox will play the first two games of the season in Japan. And the starting times for those games in the Eastern Time Zone? 6:05 AM. Although, a few weeks ago the Red Sox schedule said those games would start an hour earlier, so it could be worse. On the bright side, the Red Sox will begin the season on March 25th, which is more than a full week earlier than last year.

You can voice your opinion on the starting time in the new poll on the right.


redsoxocd said...

Well this will ruin my streak of watching every game...there's no way that my parents would let me skip school for this..but i'll get to see the first 10 minutes...blah, I really dont like this idea

Michael said...

i don't like the idea of ANY MLB teams playing regular season games outside the US

The Man said...

on our discussion yesterday

The Bottomline said...

I'm all for making the MLB a global enterprise, but I'm not really a big fan of opening the season in Japan.

If I had a vote, I'd have these games played near the All- Star break or at least a few weeks in... this trip to Japan just takes away from the excitment of the new season.

That said, I'll either set the alarm or set the DVR... but it sucks to have to ignore the web all day so you don't ruin the outcome.

Royal Rooters said...

Thanks for the link the man. There's a lot of interesting discussion about it there.

Royal Rooters said...

Michael, you do know that Toronto is in Canada, right? I'm just kidding. Why are you against MLB teams playing outside the country?

I think it would be great to play some games in Mexico City. Maybe when Castro dies MLB could play some games in Cuba.

Michael said...

all kidding aside, playing mexico city or havana is a completely different situation than tokyo. mexico city is in the same time zone as chicago and havana as nyc.
you brought up the crux of the you want to watch your home team at 5 or 6 AM?