Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Foulke Tired of Flipping Burgers?

One story that hasn't been talked much about this offseason is the unretirement of Keith Foulke. The former Red Sox closer is looking to return to the majors in 2008. He's throwing in front of Diamondbacks talent evaluators some time this month, but it's been rumored that his first choice is the Boston Red Sox. Smart man.

Foulke wouldn't be horribly old, having turned 35 a few months ago. But while I was a big fan of him in 2004, I still don't like his chances of being effective in 2008. His ERA and peripherals were all below leave average for an American League reliever in 2006. His velocity likely won't be any better now that he's taken a year off.

He might not be a bad gamble for the Red Sox however. He was almost as effective as Kerry Wood's been the last two years when healthy. And Foulke would come at a fraction of the price. At this point, any addition to the Red Sox bullpen would be more a luxury than a need. The Red Sox lead the league in ERA and BAA last year. It looks like they plan on using Many Delcarmen (2.05 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, 5.73 H/9, 3.47 BB/9, 8.39 K/9) as their right-handed set up guy next year.

Looks like Foulke's not the only former Red Sox pitcher looking to come out of retirement. Rich "El Guapo" Garces made an attempt last year. Matt Mantei is going to throw for the Tigers, in hopes of getting a minor league deal. Mantei had one of the funniest closer's walk out songs of all time - "Ice Ice Baby".


The Seventh Inning Stretch said...

Keith Foulke should stay retired because he has only been retired one year. Last year hey was going to play for the Cleveland Indians but then he just decided to retire. If he does come back I think the Red Sox might look at him as a bullpen guy but don't expect Theo to jump on the Foulke bandwagon. Look for Foulke to go to a National League Team rather than an AL team.

Royal Rooters said...

Thanks for the comment. I definitely agree with your insight. It would be in his best interests to go to an NL team. The D'Backs make sense as they're in a very weak hitting division and they don't have a set closer.

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