Monday, January 7, 2008

Clemens To Sue McNamee

Clemens filed a law suit against McNamee for defamation. This is somewhat surprising given how hard these cases are to prove. But at this point, what does Clemens have to lose? He's claimed his innocence countless times through countless different forums, but the vast majority of people still think he cheated.

McNamee is now likely to file a suit against Clemens. I thought McNamee would file one even if Clemens didn't. It's possible, however, that McNamee will let Clemens be the one who has to try to prove one of these difficult defamation cases. McNamee may not want to pay more lawyer fees when he has such an advantage in the Clemens defamation case.

Sports Illustrated had an exclusive interview with Brian McNamee. It's actually pretty interesting if you have time to read it. McNamee defends hismelf against Clemens' accusation that he was "movin' steroids" saying "the feds look at bank accounts, and there's no money unaccounted for. I don't launder money. I don't have anything in my mattress. If I was pushing drugs, what did I do with the money?"

McNamee also says he respects Clemens and thinks he should be in the Hall of Fame. He even downplays Clemens' alleged steroid use. According to McNamee, "Roger was in no way an abuser of steroids. He never took them through our tough winter workouts. And he never took them in spring training, when the days are longest. He took them in late July, August, and never for more than four to six weeks max ... it wasn't that frequent."

It's tough for me to believe either one of these guys. Neither one seems very trustworthy. But I'm inclined to believe what the Mitchell Investigation has uncovered. Why would investigators be out to get Clemens for no reason, as he claims? What motive would there possibly be?

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