Sunday, December 9, 2007

Red Sox, Twins Still Talking Santana

Per Twins Insider, "the Twins have had a lot of good dialogue lately with the Red Sox. The blog cites "a well-placed source" for that information. There has been an awful lot of misinformation surrounding Santana talks. No one can be sure whether this is the truth, or if this is meant to encourage the Yankees and Mets to up their offers.

A few things are known, however. First of all, the Red Sox are likely to be talking to the Twins. They've set no deadlines on talks surrounding Santana. Second of all, the Twins aren't likely to hold onto Santana going into next season. They may hold on to him for another month or two in hopes of getting a better offer.

However, Santana has claimed that he won't accept a trade mid-season. And the Twins WILL NOT hold on to Santana, only to be compensated with two draft picks. Why settle for two non-developed players when they could instead get three or four prospects, many of them major league ready?

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Peter N said...

Interesting...the wheels are still turning! Ethan, your link is up! Many thanks!!