Sunday, December 30, 2007

Derek Jeter Is God

I thought this was pretty funny. Peter Abraham runs a rather popular Yankees site but he just happens to be a Patriots fan. He made the mistake of comparing Tom Brady and Derek Jeter to each other in one of his posts tonight. And in response he got a lot of flack from his readers asking how you could begin to compare the two when Jeter is so much better.

I'm not really much of a Pats fan, but come on.

I'm not even going to talk about the value of a quarterback compared to that of a shortstop. Let's just take a quick look at the facts here. Derek Jeter's been playing since 1995. He has four titles, no MVP awards, one World Series MVP award, and no records of any significance. On the other hand, Tom Brady's been playing since 2001. He has three titles, and is favored to win a fourth, he's a lock for the MVP award, he has two Super Bowl MVP awards, and holds the record for highest ever QB rating and the most touchdown passes in a season.

If Yankees fans can't even handle that bit of truth, I can't imagine what it will be like for them to watch Jeter the Immortal age. He's only 33-years-old and he's already one of the lesser fielding shortstops in baseball. And what would happen if he went to a different team?

In a few years the Yankees will likely have to move Jeter somewhere else. Second and third seem filled up for some time into the future. Are they going to stick with Jeter at an offensive position like first base when he's struggling to put up an OPS of .800 year in and year out? Well I guess I can only hope they do as a Red Sox fan.


Davies said...

NY fans are a joke. Pats win and the refs were in their pockets. Yankees players cheated and it's because of a Red Sox conspiracy. What's next, isaiah thomas didn't really sexually harass anyone, she was was paid by the celtics to make it up?

NY Fans! The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

tony gicas said...

brady couldn't sniff jete's jock strap

Ethan Michaels said...

Give me a call when Jeter gets anywhere close to breaking a single defining record of his sport.

RollingWave said...

reverse bashing doesn't make that much sense either though. for his career Jeter looks like he's a dead lock for 3000 hits and should be one of the best SS HOFer (better OPS+ than just about everyone past WW2 except Banks and he already has almost as many counting stats as Banks)

He was a legitimate MVP candidate twice. that he didn't get it either time really shouln't be a huge bad thing about him.

the comps obviously doesn't make any sense, but that really doesn't say much about Derek Jeter. he's still a dead lock HOF player.

The Man said...

most singles in a season?

Ethan Michaels said...

I just thought it was funny, it wasn't meant to bash Jeter. The fact is though, that with half the playing years, Brady has just as much, if not more accomplishments in his sport.

Ethan Michaels said...

lol, Jeter wished he had even a record like that. he doesn't hold the Yankees record for most singles in a season, let alone the major league one